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The residence Dolce Paese, a healthy and pleasant break in its spa between Ile Rousse and Calvi, in Corsica.


Unique atmosphere and a play of lights brings you to a ultimate relaxation. Percussive scents, magnetic music, everything is designed to make you live an unequivocal experience. Lie back and let yourself be enchanted in your spa hotel residence between Ile Rousse and Calvi. . .


Step into a peaceful haven at the spa of the Dolce Paese hotel residence in Haute-Corsica. A confidential invitation to serenity and well-being of body and mind. The spa of the seaside residence is discovered during a massage treatment and invites you to relax in these places in the atmosphere of the Greco-Roman baths. The heated indoor pool has a counter-current swimming pool and a bench with hot tubs. A heated outdoor swimming pool with 24 m long swimming lane, where you can relax in the sun while refreshing. Exotic atmosphere and sea view. . .


Similar to the ambience of the residence, its spa with confidential and singular luxury envelops you in its timeless decor of infinite softness, a true journey with a breathtaking view of the sea. Sensory experience with Mediterranean scents that transports you for a moment in a peaceful haven. Massages with regenerating oils, reflexology, body and facial treatments combining techniques and nature. Let yourself be guided on the path of happiness in your spa resort by the sea. . . 


Perfect mix between exceptional moments and uncompromising feeling of well-being, treat yourself to a moment just for yourself in the spa of the Dolce Paese residence in Corsica. The search for harmony, the magic of the moment and  well-being are in the focus of the massage rituals at the spa of the seaside resort, Dolce Paese. Whether you’re looking for fullness or need to treat yourself, you’ll find a lot of signature massages designed to complete your stay at your Spa in Haute-Corsica. An authentic eruption of the senses, everything of the Spa area is intented to transport you into a relaxing world.