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Discover our luxury hotel residence near Calvi in Corsica.


The residence Dolce Paese, a new refuge in corsica, invites you to daydream in its atypical garden with exotic essences. Welcome to a unique world with mediterranean flavors, and follow the path of geometric shapes which are leading you to confidential corners and where you can find tranquility, elegance & non-obtrusive luxury.

Green Oasis

Mediterranean architecture expressed by vaults and arcades with a Greco-Roman look sublimated by Art Deco notes. The resort near Calvi provides unconventional luxury, an unsuspected charm for a timeless holiday in a tropical and unique atmosphere. Warm spirit and Corsican lifestyle combine in a special ambiace. Let yourself be enchanted by  citrus fragrances  and the essences of corsican maquis an and the sounds of the fountains that dominate the gardens. As soon as you enter the residence, a vision of unique luxury, a blend of materials and different caracters welcomes you. Located on the seafront, on the bay of Algajola, the residence DOLCE PAESE enjoys a spectacular setting for a holiday between luxury and authenticity.


You will be fascinated by the atmosphere emanating from the luxury hotel residence near Calvi, a feeling that you will never leave the island again. Treat yourself to a holiday in Corsica in the heart of a discreet luxury setting, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The gardens of the hotel residence are a haven of peace to enjoy moments of relaxation. Escape by reading a book, safe from indiscretions, in this intimate Eden. Take a seat, a cocktail in your hand and enjoy the sun’s rays.

A creative, unique and architectural atmosphere defines the personality of DOLCE PAESE.